You’re able to help carry boxes, which can often make the move faster and cheaper.

For liability reasons, you are regrettably not allowed in the trucks, which includes riding in the truck during transit.

Dangerous items such as any flammable liquids, corrosive chemicals, firearms, noxious materials, poisonous items, pets, or any perishable products are not allowed in the truck during transit.

Our movers are able to disassemble and reassemble standard furniture items such as bed frames and tables.

However, they are not handymen and are unable to do things such as mounting a flat screen TV onto a wall.

There are no additional charges for disassembling or reassembling furniture, however, such services will be billed at our standard rates.

We highly recommend to disassemble any IKEA furniture or flat pack furniture prior to the move, as they are usually of low quality and not suitable as one piece during transit.

There are a wide range of factors that influence how long a move will take. These include;

  1. The quantity of goods to be moved
  2. Access (stairs, lifts, narrow doorways or gates) and distance to the load/unloading point
  3. How well prepared and packed the items are for loading. eg. If you have all your belongings packed in boxes, sealed and labeled, this will dramatically reduce the moving time.
  4. Dismantling and assembly of furniture, play or gym equipment.
  5. Traffic conditions and travel distance to the new location

As an approximate guide only……

1 bedroom home: 2-4 hours

2 bedroom home: 4-6 hours

3 bedroom home: 5-7 hours

4 bedroom home: 7-10 hours

Please note that these are only estimates and have the potential to vary greatly based on a variety of factors.

Weekdays have the lowest hourly rate.

Saturdays have a slightly higher hourly rate, and Sundays a bit more again.

All fridge and freezers must always be emptied, either into a box or a esky.